availability of BB X-15 through canadian distributor?

(i'm sure gerald wants to slash his wrists every time someone asks
about BB X-15 availability ...)

  i'm arranging to teach an embedded linux class jan 2017 here in
canada (ottawa), and i believe i've convinced the client to use BB
X-15 as the platform for all the students, which means purchasing at
least 12 of them.

  what is the status on being able to purchase these things in canada
by, say, mid-december? who will be the official canadian distributor?
and what estimate on when they'll be available?


Canada? Zero at this point. I have no Canadian distributor interested at this time, at least as far as I know.

I am in the process of getting a new assembly house on line.

Oh, and thanks for the reminder. I need to get me some new razor blades. Sterile razors are hard to find!