availability of old Beagle Board

I just tried to order an old Rev C. Beagle Board from Digi-Key,
but they have no stock and can’t give any time for when they will
have them. Can you give some info on what is going on?

I have a project that will add a board with an FPGA under
the Beagle. Should I redesign this board for the Beagle Bone?
I already have all the GPIO interfacing code worked out for the
old Beagle and would just rather use that if possible.



Mouser shows 14 in-stock and 169 on order for June delivery. Special
Computing shows stock. Can you just cancel your Digi-Key order and
place it with one of those sources?


You should check with arrow as well, they seem to always have some in stock when others do not. Though be careful as when they are the only ones they seem to add a premium to the price.


please also do an fpga board for the bone. wish you well in finding
an originnnal beagleboard you might also try other sources such aas
mouser, or special computing.


Contact clint@circuitco.com to get a board.


Thanks so much! I thought Digi-Key was the main source. But, glad others
are carrying them also. I’ve got my two on order before they are gone.


Well, this is a special-purpose board with some analog stuff on it, not a general
purpose board. I think I will have to get a Bone and find out what differences
are there to be dealt with in the GPIO/header area.

But, actually, the original Beagle has some plusses in these projects.
I stack the Beagle on top of my board, and take off the S-Video
connector for height reasons. I use one of those 3-USB + Ethernet
hubs that cost $9.99 from China, break it apart and mount the little
board against the front panel with the Ethernet sticking out the panel.
This works pretty well in these embedded jobs that fit in a single-wide
NIM module and take power from the NIM bin.

The Bone has those headers on it that may be too tall to stack as well in
the limited space I have. The Bone would have to stick right against the
front panel for the Ethernet jack. The bone has the headers facing the
wrong way, it is better in my setups for the Beagle to be above my

But, I suspect I could work around these troubles.


CircuitCo does not carry them. They build them.

We have several distributors out there. Check the buy page for a list of our distributors. This version of the board goes in bursts, very few sold for weeks at a time and then boom they are all gone.