Availability: some C3 Beagleboards available fur purchase in Europe and India

[sorry for double posting but a new thread/title may be helpful]

since I daily get requests for BeagleBoards and our order at DigiKey
is also on back-log, I have talked to Rakshat from IDA Systems. They
still have a significant quantity of C3 boards in stock waiting in
India. Therefore, we want to work together to ship one larger batch
(to reduce shipment cost) of BeagleBoards to Europe approx. by end of
this week.

Our price is 159 EUR (incl. German VAT), i.e. 133,61 EUR w/o. Plus
shipment to you (calculated by the shopping cart). Preferred countries
are the EU harmonized market (since this does not again involve
customs). We can also export to selected countries, but shipment cost
goes up significantly.

To give us an estimate for the required quantities, please place a
(pre-) order at:


If you want, you can postpone payment until I report that we have
fixed the quantities and have estimated delivery time.

Nikolaus Schaller