Avoid this scrap image !

Yesterday , I’ve downloaded the file “Angstrom-TI-GNOME-image-eglibc-ipk-v2012.01-core-beagleboard-2012.01.11.img” from the ready demo location, then I started to updated the packages via OPKG upgrade, it takes 50 minutes at my speed of 8Mps !! then it end of dead image ! I though I’m wrong ! I used my superior Class 10 SD, and repeate the operation from scratch ! same result !! this file is JUNK please remove it ! PS: my board is BB-XM-C

I've seen problems with doing 'opkg update; opkg upgrade' and
recommend against doing so. Simply download the latest image and
install updates to any packages you use individually. There is little
need to do a full image upgrade.