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Hi, I have recently been given a piece of equipment that uses a Beagleboard xM and has an SD card with the drivers etc on it. The equipment got damaged and they say I need to buy a new board, but they are charging an arm and a leg for it. My question is, if I bought the Beagleboard xM form Amazon for example and used the old SD card in it, would this work or does the Beagleboard need things doing to it before it can be used? Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but I am totally new to Beagleboards and Raspberry Pi’s etc

First of all, why do you need this board ? Secondly, are you aware of the beaglebone black ? brand new it costs $55 USD.

It is being used to control a piece of underwater equipment. I am only looking at option for future if the beagleboard xM goes down again, as I dont want to keep shipping form the US.

Well, in that case you’re probably “stuck” with the beagleboard XM. As to your question, I do not own a beagelboard XM but a new one should work exactly the same, with the same sdcard in it.