When a company does a backorder at the time of order, and then delivers in less than 2 weeks (consistent story on DigiKey and Beagleboard), they are being given no promises on delivery but delivery is being made.

I ordered mine and it arrived within a week (today) even though they asked me how many months I would wait.

Bob McGwier (N4HY)

Welcome to the world of DigiKey. They are used to getting an order in all at once. Beagle is delivered in lots, so the system shows no delivery date which indicates when ALL boards are to be deliverd. That does not mean they won’t be getting any the next week or the next day.

As of today, there should be no backorders outstanding at Digikey, so they should be catchinhg up this week. They had a backorder of 86 boards and we shipped them 100. They will get more on Monday.