bare metal on the BBB

Hi all. I am bringing up a bare metal system on the beaglebone black and giving it away! So if you want to have some fun, while learning alot about this ARM core, get involved. The drivers are in Assembly (easy once you get the hang of it) with the main program in C. All the build files are there, so you won’t waste months trying to compile/load/run the dang thing. I do not use an IDE, just use Notepad++ and GNUwin32 ‘make’ from a DOS command line.
Feel free to take whatever drivers you need for your project/hackjob:
So now you can build a FAST and ROBUST standalone control system.
Stack/interrupt setup and the loadscript is handy. Getting an image up was a BITCH!.
I am now working on ethernet. Then the beast will be live on the internet!

Check it out at and

I could sure use some help. It is fun, really! No more bugs! (except your own of course)

hack on…dd


Good luck!

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You obviously have not tried starterware…dd