Bare-Metal Programming On Beagle Bone Black Board


Can any one help in learning and practicing Bare-Metal Programming on Beagle Bone Black Board.?

To Start Working With Bare-Metal Programming, what are all the things Should I know.?

  1. How to run programs at boot level.?

  2. Who will start/run the our application in u-boot environment.?

Please suggest any material/books or links for Baremetal Programming.

Thanks and Regards,

Siva Prakash Reddy.


There’re several flavors of bare-metal programming on BBB. You can either run the full system bare metal (like on RPi). Or you can run the ARM CPU under Linux while bare-metal firmware is running on one or both PRUSS.

You should specify which kind of bare-metal you want to get info on. The later is pretty simple, ie. you can find examples here.