BarkPin AJAX beagleboard remote i/o interface Gsoc project proposal seeking input and mentorship + Arm-linux-executable

Hey everybody,

My name is Tate Hanawalt, I am a 3rd year software engineering student at Michigan Technological University.

I am really interested in GSoc and am seeking some input on this project from developers and| mentors.

My proposal in a sentence is to develop a server that modifies pin states or returns pin read values from simple AJAX ‘get’ or ‘post’ requests to the server.
My inspiration for this proposal comes from being a maker/developer my self. I have thought of and started many projects that need remote gpio. With this project you could do this instantly by implementing my project and sending ajax requests from any device with internet access.
In the future I plan to develop api’s for android and ios but for now it will accept simple ajax requests which can be easily made through JQuery.

Im wondering…

if you would use this in your projects
what you would use it for
how it would help you develop your projects
and if its been done before or something similar, what is similar or how is it different?

and if you have any input on ideas or improvements on this proposal I’d love the hear them!
or if its a completely horrible idea I’m interested in knowing why that is.

Here is the link to my project proposal:

Hers it the link to my executable, to run it simply clone the repo cd in to the directory from terminal and run ./Gsoc

I appreciate the input

  • Tate