Barrel Power Adapter problem with old Beaglebone Blacks

I have 3 BeagleboneBone Blacks that I purchased around 2015. At the the time they were very susceptible to getting fried if you didnt use the proper 5v power adapter ( I learned this painfully). I have not actively been involved since 2017. I am now considering buying a BBAI-64. There is no mention of power adapter issues in “Getting Started”. Does anyone know if the old problems have been resolved?

I have not had my board for long, but had no issue so far.

There is an input power mux switch on the input between either the barrel jack or the USB power. This has over voltage protection whereby they will switch off the input source if the volts goes above 5.57V. This will be a small variation in this due to resistor tolerances.

Max input voltage of the power mux is 22V. There are no TVS diodes on the input to protect against spikes over this voltage, but I would hope any decent 5V supply won’t do this.

Not sure what would happen if you had a reversed polarity DC jack and USB-type C plugged in at the same time. I wouldn’t advise trying it though.

Concerning BBB, overvoltage is not an issue (the PMIC has 20V max input voltage, providing good OV protection for PS/USB inputs). It’s undervoltage / brownout event (of whatever origin) that can do irreversible damage to the BBB’s SoC. This problem was discovered and discussed long time ago but never fixed. From that point I think the AI-64 power adapter question may not be related to overvoltage only