-bash: opkg: command not found When trying to set-up for and install i2c


I am fairly new to BBB and intermediate with Linux. I am trying to get a TMP006 to work over i2c on my BBB. I am following the instructions on the following site:


Under the Beaglebone instructions when I get to:

$ opkg update

This is what my terminal says:

root@beaglebone:~# opkg update
-bash: opkg: command not found

Can anyone help me. Im sure Im missing something painfull simple…( al least I hope!)

Thank you to anyone who can help me!!!


Hi, I’m also facing the same problem when I’m using the opkg command.
Are you still facing this problem.
Any help will be very appreciated. Thanks

Just run:

npm config set strict-ssl false
npm install i2c


"opkg" is an Angstrom thing... So unless your running Angstrom, it
won't be installed.


Thank you! Worked so far!

Awesome! opkg doesnt work with Debian! apt-get it is then! Its these little changes that can really bugger up an rookie!