Basic LCD interfacing question

Hi, I am new to the Beagle Board and have a (probably) simple,
fundamental question. There are 2 display ports on the Rev C2 Beagle
Board - P10, the DVI interface; and J4 and J5, the 20-pin LCD display
interfaces. My interest is is using the BeagleBoard for developing LCD
drivers that will support my displays. For example, I have a 3.5" QVGA
TFT and my customers want help in developing the interface.

Please tell me if I have my facts straight:

1. The DVI interface is to connect to a monitor, so you can see what
you are working on
2. The LCD interface is what would connect to the 3.5" QVGA TFT that
my engineers want to use in their finished OEM product
3. If I develop an interface board from the Beagleboard to my LCD, I
would do it through the LCD connector, not the DVI.

Am I right?

Bob Waddell
Display Technology Solutions LLC
South Lyon, MI

The LCD interface and the DVI are the same exact port off of the OMAP3530, just different formats of the same data. If you want to connect an LCD, the best place is J4 and J5, but you will need to do a level shift of the signals and connect it to a connector that is compatible with the display that you are using. You will also need to provide whatever voltages your particular display requires.



One of the above LCD's we are interested in (I am working with Bob W.)
has an 18bit RGB bus - would you just drop the low bits for each

What is the data format of the DVI on the Beagleboard,
DVI_Data0..DVI_Data7 Red, DVI_Data8..DVI_Data15 Blue, etc?

Bill Boyd
Boyd Engineering

Yes, you drop bits 0,1 of each group. It is RGB 24 bit.

0-7 is Blue
16-23 is Red
8-15 is Green


Thank you very much for your help!