BB AI-64 does not show on tether to PC on first startup.

So you understand the frustration, I think SBC is the way to go, especially with the application I need it for. Yes I can build a PLC for this application since they are typically as robust as I need in the environment I am exposing it to. But it’s far too costly and my application is mobile and compact.

If there was another option that is not about 1000% too overengineered I would go with that

It can be as simple as it gets, DOS with analog i/o for relays and sensors would be great. I need the physical architecture of a BB Black Industrial (which I now have), but I don’t need to deal with an OS that an engineer or entire community has put together just to prove how clever they are.

In the world of Industrial automation… we don’t want any bells or whistles we don’t need

Python, C, or C++. Libraries like WiringPi (for Raspberry Pi) or Adafruit_BBIO (for BeagleBone) provide high-level abstractions to interact with hardware. This is probably the way I should go about it

That is a very good board. It does not look like TI is doing much with the chip set so who really knows how long that one will be around. It is extremely popular so it might be like the old 8051, still in production.

It would be nice if BB would build a board with the new IMX95, BBB footprint with 2 ethernet jacks and RTC battery added to the current design would be nice and some other stuff.

Specs look really good on the IMX95 with 6 cores and 2 real time processors. I am on the waiting list to get one of the early releases, from the specs it seems like a very good long term investment. Plenty of horsepower and NXP / Variscite are BSP rockstars. The connectors would have to be thought out carefully so a touchscreen can be connected and works out of the box, let us not forget an m2 for NVMe like the ai64 board.

If they would listen to some of our suggestions I am pretty sure an new board would kick pi out of that space plus grab some serious commercial users.

ok, thanks for all the help… i got the board up on its original OS when i replaced a bad mini HDMI and using a better c to c usb data cable
next steps should be simple now i know it works and have direct non-tethered access

will update soon or start a more specific thread for any future issue i may encounter

alright, im in. dont need to flash because its all up and running so now can you help me get this updated? i have monitor, key, mouse and internet…


I am not sure what is going on w/ your system as of now but…

To update and upgrade on debian, presuming you are using debian, try…

sudo apt update and then sudo apt upgrade

If you are using Yocto, I am still learning about Yocto and installing updates w/in the system ssh console.