BB and USB ethernet adapter (KY-RS9600)

Dear All,

I have an USB ethernet adapter called KY-RS9600 and the Amgstrom demo image is installed on my BB.
My problem is that this adapter is not even enumerated by the BB and is not usable.
On my desktop PC with Debian on it the device is enumerated and recognized, but also doesn't work.

Any idea that what kind of driver it requires to work? Anyone one knows what chip is inside in this device?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

Which USB port are you using? Are you using a powered hub? I'm using a
USB Ethernet adapter from Trendnet and it's working perfectly using
the Angstrom demo image through a powered hub on the USB OTG port.

Im using a powered HUB on the EHCI USB port. Does it matter?