BB as a dedicated Music player?

Hi guys, I am a complete noobie to BB, linux etc. So excuse me if my
questions sound very stupid to you...

Here is the situation:
1. I am planning to build a computer for HD music playback only,
through Ubuntu Studio music player. A friend suggested me to try
beagleboard instead of some clumsy Atom setups (too much power
consumption > too much noise pollution for music play back).

2. The BB will be connect to a Antelope Zodiac+ digital audio
converter through USB, playing music files up to 24/192 (the music
files are around 100~400mb each, depends on length)

The instruction for getting the DAC work on linux/ubuntu is available
here -

3. The music will be stored some external hard drive, connect through
ethernet (again, to reduce noise pollution).

4. BB will be connected to a linear power supply.

I did some googling, and seems no one has done it before.... Do you
guys think BB can be used as a dedicated music player based on Ubuntu
OS? Any concerns or comments?

Since i have absolutely zero experience on programming and on linux (i
use a macbook pro and a hackintosh daily), would this be a great
challenge to me?