BB Black and SSD1289 with 3.8


I recently bought this screen :

Which use apparently using a SSD1289 interface.
I would use it like a main display via the 16-bits parallel.

I tried different ways like using a custom version of BB-BONE-LCD4 but it didn’t work.

I don’t very familiar with low-level on linux, so I don’t understand what I suppose too install, compile etc …

Anyone has already used this screen ? Do I need a driver ?

Thx for your help :frowning:

Debian 7.6 - Linux beaglebone 3.8.13-bone68 #1 SMP Sat Nov 22 02:12:03 UTC 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux

Sorry for the edit
There is my file:
dmesg :

I was interested in getting this display working too.
I found this message thread:

Apparently is it possible to get it working.
I didn't pursue it and went with a 4dcape-43t instead.

Yes I saw this thread, but all links are dead and they aren’t very explicit.
The main problem, that I don’t know where is my problem, if it’s a DTO/kernel/Xorg/FB issue :frowning:

Well , maybe you can try this ? from this thread

BTW , I dont think SSD1289 is a good choice , if you are in BBB platform .

when we talking about DISPLAY , there two things , called source driver and gate driver .

like LCDC , you can consider it as source driver , while TFT panel , you can consider its a gate driver .

for several years ago , there is no LCDC integrated in arm SOC ,

So solomen and epson (As I know ) will have some modules integrated LCDC and SRAM (Framebuffer) and TFT gate driver

And only memory space is enough , you can connect like sram(M68K MODE ) .or NAND (8080 MODE ,IO MODE)

the benefit is 1) no lcdc need ,2)on module integrated sram used as framebuffer takes few bandwidth (static screen ,no content change ) will not cost main memory bandwidth

But in BBB board, since you have already got a LCD controller , and the memory bandwidth is definitely enough ,

I suppose a TFT panel is enough .

Thx for your answer. I will check this thread later.
I hoped not to have to go through the kernel, and only use DTO, but if this is the only solution… :confused:
You say that there is no LCDC integrated in ARM, but tildlc doesn’t make the job (and CircuitCo Capes works :/) ?