BB black rev c not working at all


Few days ago bought BB black. Everything went till now. It been just powered up with usb cable, and I’ve been doing nothing with it. Then it accidentally switched off. Now it is not working at all, not even power led blinking. Disappointingly I don’t have 5v cable to power it up without pc, so I can’t check if it is a problem with usb or not. Can anyone please explain to me what is wrong with it and is it dead or not.

I cannot tell from here if it is dead or not. You would need to get it looked at. The Power LED is not supposed to blink at all, it should be solid on, You might try looking closely at it when you plug in your cable. If it flashes on briefly, then the board needs to be repaired.

It could also be a case of your PC/Laptop/??? detecting an over current on the USB port. You might try using another USB port.