BB Blue boot status over serial?

Is there any way to view the BB Blue’s boot status over a serial connection? It looks like the BB Black had explicit pins you could connect a USB to TTL serial cable with to connect to the device. Does anyone know if the BB Blue has the same pins and which pins those are? I’m trying to diagnose a possible error during boot, is there any other ways to view boot status info/diagnose boot issues?


I’ve used UART0 (UT0) to do exactly that. You can use the documentation on the github site to find the location:

I also found that it has a serial console available over USB. This worked for me from an Ubuntu laptop with the BBBL plugged in (assuming you have the screen utility):

screen /dev/ttyAMC0 115200


It’s possible the BBBL would also register a COM port for this on Windows, but I haven’t tested that.