BB ethernet


I’m a bit confused about the phy ethernet “issue” on beaglebone boards, i want to try those to implement in a current solution where a reliable ethernet is a must.

I read that there is a issue with the ethernet transceiver that cause the board to sometimes don’t have ethernet working.

Seems to be a revision C3 that implements a reset gpio to solve this but i don’t find if the software part to toggle that pin has been implemented in OS.

Sorry if this has been discussed before but i’m unable to find the current status of this.

So in resume,

  • whats the current status of that issue?
  • all the bleaglebone serie is affected with this?


News to me, we have been testing them for a while and have not had any issues.

Its best not to believe anything on the internet or from the media. Plenty of BS and extremely stale content so keep that in mind.

Best way to find out is set up your own testing under your operating conditions.

and the removal of C24…

To date, i have not personally been in the presence of a RevC3 board that also required the phy reset.

A software change for C3 boards was merged in the 4.19.x branch: Commits · v4.19.x-ti-overlays · / BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees · GitLab


Great! i will buy some to began testing our use


My boards will arrive this week… but i don’t know if i have ordered the wrong one now that i read this again :frowning: i forgot the 3 from C3 so i thinked that REV C was ok…

I ordered this one from rs

Only the seedstudio ones have that hardware fix?