BB X15, any status?

What’s the news on the X15?

Do we know the Delivery date or Cost?



Looks like, someone failed to check:

First.. :wink:


Delivery exact date for production is still up in the air. TI seems to be unable to tell us with any level of certainty when we can get processors. We have orders for 6,000 boards from distributors. We expect more orders in the coming weeks.


6000 boards is a good deal for a pilot batch!

Well, it depends on how you look at it.


Of course it isn’t as good as 200k for BBB :slight_smile:
I wonder how many issues these 6k boards will have :wink:

These boards are what we call the “Beast”. Any issues that may show up will be based on any added SW that can bring them out. This board is very over designed and we have been working on it for 20 months. It has been run through the ringer. SW is the big question.


And for the software...

Robert has an image that works pretty nicely on it, but there are a
lot of little features not enabled and there isn't a lot of
board-specific *software* documentation. Getting the OpenCL stuff
working out-of-the-box, the video acceleration, 2D/3D graphics
acceleration, etc., etc. is all a bit up in the air (ie., "almost
there, but not really"). We've got some software releases from TI, but
that doesn't mean its all properly integrated for use in the broader
open source community. To get there, we need to get more early boards
out to developers who can help test/debug the integration (and with
all the ringing, there are only a handful of boards today). The big
coordination question is do we have everyone wait to be able to buy
boards until the integrators have a good chance to try everything out
or do we let everyone try it at once. If we let everyone try it at
once, we really won't know if the software is ready or not. Could the
community really handle an open-order beta or is that just a recipe
for bad press?

I don’t doubt in your schematic, but is TI or other SW team working on BSP for this “Beast”? I remember when BeagleBoard was first released and when it began to work “as expected”. In my opinion it took almost two years. I understand that today is not 2009, but none the less

for $200 it should probably have every last bit of hardware working in software. TI’s fault, or not.

Everything that ti is planning to support is supported in this tree:;a=summary

(and Android of course..)

The issue is how much will still work when we port stuff to a generic
os like debian. :wink:


I think an open-order beta is reasonable, but I'd really emphasize
it's beta. As in: limited production run, higher list price, and
maybe even make folks "qualify" or register somehow.

Otherwise, I expect the SW issues to have dramatically less fireworks
than the 'Bone, where the ARM transition to device-tree pretty much
nuked most ARM development timelines for a year or so. I think you
made the right call (switch to DT and the new kernel ASAP), but none
of the options were all that great. With the X15, I expect more of
the "conventional" Linux experience (update your kernel/os and new
things start working) than what happened with the 'Bone (everything
documented online about how to do something is now wrong).

Just saying, there are others out there like me who will not touch it for $200 unless everything works properly. Perhaps in the grand scheme of things, we make up a minority ?

Video on the other hand I could care less about. Boards such as these, and the BBB for that matter. In my mind are meant to run headless, and perhaps in some server capacity. While working it’s magic in the physical world :slight_smile:

Although . . . perhaps that PCIE slot can take a video card, and I wonder how fast Crysis runs on debian ARM . . . wink

The PRU and DSP are on my list of must be working. :wink:

Video is going to need egl/wayland... TI's got drivers for that in
meta-ti.. We just need to get egl/wayland working in debian :wink:


PRU, DSP, PCIE, SATA are all on my list.

SATA works, although surprisingly, usb 3.0 is faster.. (Should try my
850 evo sata on it..)

PCIE needs an adapter board..


So I’m guessing that means that the Digi-Key listing with an estimated ship date of 11/2/2015 is not exactly solid yet?

SATA works, although surprisingly, usb 3.0 is faster… (Should try my
850 evo sata on it…)

PCIE needs an adapter board…

hmm guess I’ll have to read on the PCIE stuff once that information is widely available. Was kind of wanting to mess around with PCIE in hopes of learning how it all works - from a software perspective, and extremely low level. No idea what I’d use it for yet.

Super fast USB 3.0 eh ? Yeah I had forgotten about the USB being 3.0.

It is as good as any. If TI supplies the parts, then that date can be met. I can’t speak for TI.