BB-X15 RTC Battery


I am using the BB-X15 in an industrial project and we need to install the RTC battery to keep linux hwclock up to date.

I have seen that we need to remove the R416 0ohm resistor before installing the batterie, but i am surprised to see that the resistor is a trough hole resistor mounted on the battery footprint, and the R416 cms footprint is not used.

The through hole resistor is very hard to remove (16 layer pcb…), so we decided to just cut the resistor pins and solder the battery on the pins, but is not very clean…

Do you plan to change the Beagleboard-X15 BOM to mount R416 and let the battery footprint empty ?
The best would be to have the battery pin available on the expansion connectors…

No plans to do this in the future. When this was decided there was a long discussion as to how to do this and this is what was decided. When we run the next batch of boards, I will raise the discussion again, but no promises.


Thanks for your reply.

It's not blocking to solder the battery on the resistor pins but if you could change this in the futur it would save us production time...