bb xm android touchscreen

I am pretty frustrated in the bb xm ulcd7 since it won’t support android. I am looking for some replacement and find some touch screen with SSD2533 touch controller.

I still have several questions:

  1. will the touch screen controller SSD2533 be supported by android?
  2. there are two types of connections for touch control by the touchscreen. one is usb, and another one is i2c. which will be better?
  3. for bbtoys lcd7/ulcd7, is the driver available? if so, where can I find it? I have tried to contact bbtoys but no reply yet.

Bb xm does support lcd7 in android. Android starts from u-boot, screen resolution is set in u-boot. Any problems?

There is another display from Chinese manufacturer that you can buy from eBay. It has the same parameters as ulcd7 but supplied with attached sd card with an android image capable to boot xm

You can also check these guys:


Thank you guys. It looks to me too expensive for $200 for an image. Any suggestion such that I can diy for a general purpose touchscreen module as follows?

They have a lcd with capacitive touchscreen running from the hdmi connection

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18.09.2013, в 20:47, Embedded Zhang <> написал(а):

thank you guys. I have figured out that android may run in bb xm lcd. previously my power supply is too weak to get the lcd started. though the lcd touch is not working and it is mirrored. any idea for fixing it?.