BB-xM back order

I am placing order to Digikey, and the BeagleBoard-xM is back-ordered.
They are telling me it will not be available for 15 weeks :frowning:
Is there any other place I can get my hands on the boards?


I believe it´s a default answer, they have also answered me that, but 1 day after that I bought mine. Just wait and keep an eye on their beagle xm page. As soon as it´s available, it ends.

2011/5/18 dashesy <>

I've ordered a couple of xM boards from Digi-Key on back-order where
they said it would take many, many weeks, but it came in just around 1
week in the US. They are getting in new boards every week and are
keeping the number of back-orders pretty small.

Special Computing has stock available, but only one per customer in order to help projects get started.

I know that CircuitCo has a steady supply of about 500BBs/week to DigiKey. And also from observation, the backorder queue is not large because they have the item in stock in less than 1-2 weeks. Jason is right now this fact.

One thing i found interesting from receiving the new BB two days ago is that it is Revision C. And the data (schematic, BOM, gerber etc.) is not available on on the site. Only in the discussion area can you find the changes in Revision C.

When I ordered mine from DigiKey it was about 3 weeks before it
shipped. But you need to place a back-order or you will never get

Mine is now available on eBay with some extras..

I also noticed a steady supply of them on eBay, so that could be
another option.

TI has been delayed in getting us the processor, a very key component on the board. We received a few parts last week and expect to ship some boards this week.