BB-xM mechanical drawing

Gerald et al,

Can't wait to buy an xM when DigiKey gets stock, so I've been doing a
lot of window shopping in the meantime. I've looked around on the
Google Group and the main BeagleBoard website and can't find a
dimensioned drawing for the xM. Is there a repository for this
information? The photos on the main website are a little confusing
(does the 3.25" include the connector footprint, or just the outer
dimension of the board?

Bonus question - does anyone know (approximately) how much the board
will weigh?

thanks for the help (and the great products!),

matt hazard

All of the HW documentation will be posted in the next day or say as soon as Jason can get the time to post it.

The PCB is 3.35" x 3.35" and does not include the connectors. There isn’t a fully dimensioned drawing available that includes all of the connectors.


Thanks for the info!