BB-xm usb-ethernet how to set at 10 Mbps


First of all, I am fairly new to the BeagleBoard and linux in general.
There is my problem.

I just installed the Angstrom demo image an the SD card, so far all
work ok. Now I want to plug the BB-xm via the usb-ethernet to my
router to access the internet. I use a long cable that is not capable
to communicate at 100 Mbps. With a computer I just set the connection
speed to 10 Mbps Full duplex and all work. I would like to do the same
thing with the BB-XM but I have no clue how to force a 10Mbps

Someone cant help me ?



googling 'linux change ethernet speed' suggests the following question:

do you have mii-tool or ethtool or can you install them?


No I dont have mii-tool or ethertool installed, I tried instaling
ethtool from the minicom terminal with
opkg install ethtool
But since no acces to internet it cant download the package, now I try
to figure a way to download the package and install it from the file.

But so far no success, should I put the package on the BB SD card or
there is a way to acess the file from my main computer and install it
through the serial com ?