BBAI-64, DTS, and "Python3" while Trying with the Load Cape

Hello There,

Me again…I am wondering something here I guess.

I have the Load Cape attached. The source runs, well it does basically, and sometimes I receive I am the error while other times I receive permission errors. I changed everything to root:root with 774.

By everything, I mean I changed the files ownership, mode, and the many files to such ownership and mode.

I then went to root and signed in to test. The file runs again but I receive no movement of the load in this case which is a basic DC motor.

If anyone has any recommendations on what I should learn next, please do connect with me.


P.S. I am using the BBAI-64, Load Cape, and /sys/class/leds/load-sink1/ files for use.

I thought I controlled the machine to understand but…no sir/ma’am. I have not done so just yet.

I just remembered that I was not supposed to use this board for the Load Cape just yet.

The cash register locking and unlocking with the Load Cape will have to be with another board.


P.S. Until then, enjoy!