BBAI-64 intermittent pvr drm crashes


Has anybody else experienced intermittent pvr drm crashes like the one below? Happens relatively seldom, under perfectly good thermal conditions (35C), while running the kmscube test, in the non-atomic (legacy) swap-buffer path, in a surface-less setup, ie. using gbm_bo EGL images.

dmesg_pvr.log (33.9 KB)

According to Nishanth, looks like hwrecovery did happen…

Beyond that i personally don’t know…


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Thank you for checking, @RobertCNelson Sometime it’s not a crash but a lockup, like one below. Again, such lockups happen seldom – maybe half of the time when the CheckForStalledCCB issue generally occurs. So, to sum it up:

  • it always starts with a CheckForStalledCCB
  • sometimes it manifests as a crash with a subsequent recovery
  • sometimes the process locks up

dmesg_pvr01.log (11.9 KB)