BBAI 64 Prototype: Update issue

I have the following problem.

In order to reproduce the steps of a newbie, I rolled back a board (B1: J721EX-PM1-SOM rev E2) to the factory-installed image (2022-01-14-8GB) and then followed the updating instructions of - update-ai64.

With the previous version of the firmware that was already in the board, as well as with the factory-installed image (after rolling back), everything worked fine, but (as you already know) after the update USB devices are no longer recognized and the display stays black when using the active miniDP-HDMI adapter (if I use the DP directly it still works).

For board B1 I have reproduced the steps twice (roll-back + update) with the same results, the factory-installed image works ok and the updated image fails.

I have repeated the same steps with another board (B2: BBONEAI-64-B0- rev B0) and everything works fine.

Attached you can find the serial boot log of both boards after updating the firmware.

Is it a problem of the specific revision of the board B1? HW failure? Firmware issue?


B1-serial.log (94.2 KB)
B2-serial.log (64.6 KB)

This is coming up as the prototype, i’ll send you the directions later tonight on updateing…