BBAI-64 Secure Boot

Hello all,

I have a question regarding the security features of BBAI64.

The System Reference Manual mentions that the device supports Secure Boot Management. Still, as I read the TDA4VM datasheet (section 10.1.2), I see that the TDA4VM88TGBALFR (as seen in schematics) is the “General purpose” version. Does that mean that the BBAI64 has no/limited security capabilities?

Is there any documentation regarding the security features of the BBAI64?

Thanks in advance!

Yes definitely if it is the GP chip it is not capable of secure device. However i am not sure about the nomenclature of the chip so cant say if ‘G’ means GP chip I guess it was chosen to save some costs/ ease of use. That might be a sad news for people who are thinking of building a " BBAI64 inside " commercial product. You can read more about the High security device and General purpose chip GP and HighSecurity

Thank you for the answer Tron.

Does anyone know if there are any plans to have a version of beaglebone with another type?