BBai 64 shuts down after booting up any program

So i booted my up new AI64. Then did sudo apt-get update and then upgrade. The board runs okay in terminal, but if I try to use firefox it then shutdown. Is this overheating or software problem?

How are you powering the board ?
I think I had a few issues with mine when first using it powering via USB plugged into a power USB3 hub, although can’t be certain as I didn’t have anything else connected. Just going by LEDs. Beware cheap USB cables.

I switched to a DC adaptor and that worked much better, also using a USB-C to USB-C cable rated for 65W on the power output of my laptop also worked.

I am using a barrel adaptor rated at 5V 3A.

Is it just firefox that causes the board to shutdown ?
I would be inclined to blame the software, but at worst it should only crash the system, not shut it down

It was a Firefox issue. Thank you for your help.