BBAI bare metal DSP

Has anyone used the C66 cores for bare metal signal processing on BBAI? Is the source code for the default DSP images dra7-dsp1-fw.xe66 available? I can wade through the 8k+ pages of the TRM, but it would be much faster to have a template to start from.
Any help or short cuts is greatly appreciated.

Oh, these are a little complex, from ti’s meta-ti git:;a=tree;f=meta-ti-extras/recipes-ti/ipc;hb=HEAD

Which uses…;a=summary


Definitely not 100% clear. :wink:

With our Debian images, we built the yocto image and extracted the important parts…


Thanks for the info!
Links appear to be broken but have enough info to find the IPC pages

strange! i just tried it too… something broke, so i just converted them to code…


@RobertCNelson I have managed to get almost enough info together. I can’t get DSP to boot with default am57xx_c66.cmd linker file. I have not been able to locate a BBAI memory map. Do you have a memory map for BBAI or a BBAI default C66 linker command file?