[BBAI] I2C on DSP with Linux (Debian) on A15

Hello everyone,

I recently started developping on the BeagleBone AI, I would like to use the DSP for interfacing with an AUDIO CODEC which has to be configured through I2C. My board is running the official Debian image for BBAI.

I’m programming the DSP firmware using CCS and I load the image on the DSP using remoteproc as proposed by TI. I started by following tutorial in the Linux Processor SDK explaining how to program a remotecore for use with A15 (host) under Linux.

I simply tried to use the I2C_TemperatureSensor example to communicate with a simple external micro-controller but I face multiple errors:

-If I try to use the I2C instance 3 or 4, dmesg reports “L3 Custom Error: MASTER DSP1_MDMA TARGET L4_PER1_P3”.
-If I try to use the I2C instance 5, dmesg doesn’t report anything, but nothing happens on the I2C instance 5.

Note: I disabled all unused I2C instances (2-3-4-5) in the device tree

Does anyone have an idea ? Did anyone already succeed in getting I2C working on the DSP with Linux on A15 ?

Thank you.

Just a guess CCS DSP examples use a gel script to configure the ARM keep it from interfering until your code is debugged. Then you load the binary from ARM and start DSP. My experience on similar SOC was using an RTOS on ARM not Linux so I can’t help.

This seems to be saying oops 2 people want same resources.Custom Error: MASTER DSP1_MDMA TARGET L4_PER1_P3".

I’m always amazed when people ask questions in this forum about something supported by TI E2E forum is SDK. The comments your going to get come from user’s that don’t use CCS or JTAG.

Good luck

Hello Lazarman, thank you for your answer.

For now, i’m not able to test the software in BAREMETAL or with RTOS on A15 as I still didn’t receive my XDS110 debugger… I also posted the same question on TI E2E forum…