bbai ... now on Amazon

noticed today that amazon has the BBAI for $112 with free shipping … only one dismal review that throws shade at even bash working and basic toolchain development.

Any rebuttals?

AM57xx on the BBAI is a different beast then the AM335x on the BBB…

While gpiox_y will never match up…

Trying to unify things with:


it doesn’t surprise me that AM57xx is NOT plug compatible with AM335x…

The basics of linux is what surprised me… The latest image that you’ve posted is > 2yrs old… nothing wrong with that, if it indicates stability… I still use 2018 image on my BBB’s.

is there anything to the reviews claims that the (gcc) toolchain doesn’t work, or has to be built from source?

it nags at me that there is so little chatter on these forums (good or bad) about the BBAI

thanks for response earlier

updated once a month…

Since that user never asked here or irc, i sadly have no idea what they are talking about…


Robert :

this link is excellent … much of what I was looking for, thank you.

been studying the code for /usr/bin/config-pin… do we know who wrote this (unattributed)???
has anyone attempted to update it with the BBAI pin mux info?

I remember /usr/bin/config-pin being the tool that freed me from device tree nightmares… would be nice if we could acknowledge the author.


Our current git of config-pin can be found here…

this c file was converted from a hardcoded bash script, to something that looks up pin information from sys.

am57xx has a nasty io bug inside the SOC, so i’ve not personally worked on config-pin for am57xx, it’s highly recommended to do any i/o changes in u-boot via the base device tree or an overlay…


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is this bug documented here? Issues · beagleboard/beaglebone-ai · GitHub


i869 - IO Glitches Can Occur When Changing IO Settings


thank you
SPRUHZ6L – October 2014 – Revised August 2019 Isolation Requirements
might be better reference, just saying


Using config-pin is no better or worse than configuring pinmux in the base DT or an overlay. The only way to avoid i869 is by building a custom u-boot containing one’s desired pinmux.