BBAI Wi-Fi SSID MAC address issue

Hi All,

I have two BeagleBone AIs, which both produce their own wifi access points. The problem is that they are both using the same SD card image and generate the same SSID name. It seems that the BBAI is generating its SSID based on a MAC address stored on the card instead of the actual hardware. Is there a proper way to copy/flash an image onto the BBAI so that I can avoid this problem?

I know I can manually configure the SSID in /etc/default/bb-wl18xx, but I would love for this to work for me ‘out of the box’



Looking at the following it looks like there are series of files where the MAC is set:

debian@beaglebone:~$ cat /etc/cpsw_0_mac

On my BBAI, the SSID shows as BeagleBone-1532



Thanks for the tip! I’ll check it out

It usually takes a second reboot, as we read the first mac address to
see if we can use a cached value:

So usually on the first boot on the 2nd board, it'll have the old ssid
address, but on the second reboot, it'll have the board specific