BBAI64 - Bricked uboot?


I was fiddling around the beagle-flasher script to change the vfat partition to ext4 instead, but I think I bricked the mmcblk0boot partitions because the BBAI64 does not want to boot from the eMMC nor the SD card anymore. I know the SD card still works because I tested it with other BBAI64.

Is there a way to recover from this situation?

Sadly, today the bootrom requires vfat…

  • Plug in microSD
  • Hold RESET & BOOT
  • Plug in Power
  • Lift up finger on RESET
  • Wait for LED
  • Lift up finger on BOOT
  • Device boots from microSD…


I tried with another image and this works thanks.

I’m not trying to have the bootrom on ext4 but the mmcblk0p1 as ext4. I have some problems where the whole system goes into read-only when not properly shutting down the unit and so far with ext4 partition on mmcblk1p1 (sd card), I do not have this issue. I don’t know if the solution is related to the problem but I’m trying a lot of stuff right now.

Thank you!

Follow up, changing the partition to ext4 did not solve the read-only mount problem.