BBAI64 - List of changes between images?

Hi, I wanted to know if there was a list of changes when there’s uploads on the image repo (Index of /rootfs/

I want to know if there’s important changes or new features that I need to update on my current image.


Hi @StackingOverflows, in most cases, simply doing:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

(and u-boot for bbbai64)

cd /opt/u-boot/bb-u-boot-beagleboneai64
sudo ./ 
sudo ./ 
voodoo@bbai64-02:/opt/u-boot/bb-u-boot-beagleboneai64$ sudo beagle-version | grep bootloader
bootloader:[/dev/mmcblk0boot0]:[tiboot3.bin]:[U-Boot SPL 2021.01-gea96725b (Apr 05 2023 - 22:07:31 +0000)]
bootloader:[/dev/mmcblk0]:[/boot/firmware/tiboot3.bin]:[U-Boot SPL 2021.01-gea96725b (Apr 05 2023 - 22:07:31 +0000)]
bootloader:[/dev/mmcblk0]:[/boot/firmware/tispl.bin]:[U-Boot SPL 2021.01-gea96725b (Apr 05 2023 - 22:07:31 +0000)]
bootloader:[/dev/mmcblk0]:[/boot/firmware/u-boot.img]:[U-Boot 2021.01-gea96725b (Apr 05 2023 - 22:07:31 +0000)]

Will keep your system up-to-date, on the Bullseye, 5.10.x-ti kernel…

For more advanced and breaking changes, i’m currently using Bookworm, for other things like edgeai I’ve separated production edge-ai-8.2 vs edge-ai-8.X to not break production builds…

For Bookworm, we will probably start out with 5.10.x-ti and switch to 6.1.x-ti pretty quickly (Bookworm should be tagged by Debian mid-june)… Aslo Bookworm we will also default systemd-network, so Bullseye → Bookworm upgrades should be pretty seamless…


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