I have been able to successfully use PWM channels on the BBAI64 and have had success with it to control servos.

I read on the forums that the reason why pwm0 and pwm1 both have to be enabled for any of the 3 pwm chips is due to a shared clock.

I know that pwm0 & pwm1 would need to be enabled for one of them to work, but is it practical to control two servos independently on one pwm chip? Is it just the PWM freq that needs to be the same, or can the duty cycle for pwm0 & pwm1 be different?

Ideally I’d like to control 4 servos with one BBAI64 just with the PWM pins.

Thank you

Can confirm that it is possible to control 2 servos trough a and b channels of pwm0 independently.