[BBAI64: TI EDGEAI DEMOS] 5.10.120-ti-arm64-r66 (Auto-Loading of r5fss0_core0 and r5fss0_core1)

Hi Everyone,

While debugging production boot issues at Seeed for the BBAI64, @Nishanth_Menon has identified one of the boot up issues here at Random System lockup during kernel bootup. (#47) · Issues · BeagleBoard.org / BeagleBone AI-64 · GitLab

I just merged a workaround for this into our device tree source at:

and is part of the 5.10.120-ti-arm64-r66 tag, available now.

This will stop ‘auto-loading’ the r5 on startup by default for edge-ai applications. I’ll be adding a systemd bb-start-vision-apps-eaik-8-2.service to load core0 and core1 in proper order later this afternoon.

For right now, all any kernel prior to 5.10.120-ti-arm64-r66 will auto-load the R5 and ‘could’ still in testing/theory randomly load/start core1 before core0 and lockup… This specific R5 complex is in Split-mode, so it’s very special, and unique for anything we’ve ever dealt with before.


  • You need to apply this kernel update (via sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade -y) to avoid potential lock-up issues
  • This will break the current Edge AI demos (until you enable the new systemd service file)
  • We are working on a fix to restore the Edge AI demos, with the bb-start-vision-apps-eaik-8-2.service file


sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; \
sudo systemctl enable bb-start-vision-apps-eaik-8-2.service ; \
sudo reboot

On startup, you should see the firmware still load:

[    9.560818] remoteproc remoteproc16: powering up 5c00000.r5f
[    9.570759] Adding 2097148k swap on /var/swap.  Priority:-2 extents:5 across:5775356k SSFS
[    9.588792] remoteproc remoteproc16: Booting fw image vision_apps_eaik_8.2/vx_app_rtos_linux_mcu2_0.out, size 572788
[    9.593810]  remoteproc16#vdev0buffer: assigned reserved memory node vision-apps-r5f-dma-memory@a2000000
[    9.593921]  remoteproc16#vdev0buffer: registered virtio4 (type 7)
[    9.593926] remoteproc remoteproc16: remote processor 5c00000.r5f is now up
[    9.594416] remoteproc remoteproc17: powering up 5d00000.r5f
[    9.609988] remoteproc remoteproc17: Booting fw image vision_apps_eaik_8.2/vx_app_rtos_linux_mcu2_1.out, size 297932
[    9.650482]  remoteproc17#vdev0buffer: assigned reserved memory node vision-apps-r5f-dma-memory@a4000000
[    9.650621]  remoteproc17#vdev0buffer: registered virtio5 (type 7)
[    9.650626] remoteproc remoteproc17: remote processor 5d00000.r5f is now up
[   10.209538] PVR_K:  782: RGX Firmware image 'rgx.fw.' loaded
[   10.245970] PVR_K:  782: Shader binary image 'rgx.sh.' loaded

If you have this fix, you should now see a ‘8.2’ also in the firmware name:


Source for service file and bash script:



This is now setup out of the box with: 2022-11-01 release: