BBB: after power down, reboots automatically

I have a BBB that won’t stay powered off. When shutdown, it powers off briefly, then powers right back on. This is consistent whether power is provided by the USB or power jack. It happens when powered off by the power button, halt, or /sbin/shutdown -h.

There are no capes attached: it’s a stock board.

Can anyone suggest a line of investigation for finding the problem?


Send the command “shutdown -P now”

shutdown -P now behaves the same way. In all cases, the power shuts down cleanly and powers off. The blue power button starts to flash and then the board starts up again.

Could the power management IC on the BBB be misbehaving? I have two boards that behave the same.

I dont have BBB anymore, but I think this is normal, you will need to unplug the power.

No it's not normal. all of mine stay off when told to do so

Hi Mike!

I have a button connected to the PWRON pin (P9.9), but nothing else. Still restarts if I disconnect the button. I monitored the power supply for transients as the BBB shuts down, but see nothing. This is a frustrating puzzle.




Thanks. I’ll try the pull-up resistor.

UPDATE: the pull-up resistor didn’t help.

I tried a new BBB. It exhibited the same behavior, powered by USB or the DC jack.

Since I’m running headless, I set and then apt-get remove -y x11-common.

This freed 370MB.

It also had the side effect of changing the power off behavior. It now stays off.

Is there some auto-start configuration associated with the graphical environment?

In any case, it appears to be working. For the moment. Thanks for the suggestions from all.


False alarm. The problem persists, but is now intermittent happening maybe 25% of shutdowns.

I’m at my wits end, frankly.

return the board as defective and get another one.