BBB all leds on when connected a microSD

when I insert a microSD Gb all leds but the first are on and can’t do nothing.

Yes, I’m a newbie.

Thank you in advance.

What happens if you don’t insert the SD card? Does it still boot?

Did you try going to That is the link on the white card that came in the box.

Did you check under the FAQ section for .2.8 How can I use a uSD in the uSD slot as extra storage on my BeagleBone Black??


Without the microSD it boots normaly.
Could it be because it’s a 8 GB and the new hight speed UHS-1.
My intention is to install debian in the BBB.

I didn’t find nothing about the meaning of the leds on.

Thank you for your help.

You must add a uenv.txt file as indicated in the link I sent to th eSD card.


Sorry Gerald, but just to be sure it is clear. Case matters so “uEnv.txt” . . . Hate to be nickpicking, but in this case it does matter :confused:

Sure. Not an issue. All they have to do is read the link I sent and my typing skills would not matter.


nod fair enough.

I did go to the link and make sure it was right after your comment!


Thank for your help, I didn’t follow the document :frowning:

Now is booting!

Next step install debian!


It always pays to follow the document! Glad you got it working.


Always need to read the “destructions” :slight_smile: