BBB and Franlkin U600 Mobile Broadband

My main goal is to find a Mobile Broadband (ie GSM or CDMA) radio that I can provide internet to my BBB with. I have purchased the Franklin U600 which works fine on desktop Ubuntu and windows 7.

When I plug this USB device into the beagle bone and boot, it always freezes without fail after a short period. Doing a “lsusb -vvv” nearly always crashes it. The board locks up, and the LEDs freeze (usually 2 stuck on and 0,1,3 off). I have tried the following images:





All of these are running kernel 3.8. Looking at the output lsusb the U600 shows up as:
Bus 001 Device 000: ID 1a40:0101 Terminus Technology Inc. 4-Port HUB

This leads me to believe that the U600 internally shows up as a USB hub (windows reports ~5 devices when plugged in for the very first time).

Is it correct that 3.8 has a new device tree structure that may be causing reliability issues? Is there a BBB image that has an older kernel than 3.8 ?