BBB and issues with external powered USB Hub

I’ve got issues with external powered USB hub. First of all I will describe my hardware list:

My BBB is with default Ångström Distribution which comes with kernel 3.8.6, release v2012.12 (core edition).

What is going on?

After connecting my media USB hub to PC, everything seems to be perfect. When I will connect my hub stand alone, without an external power supply, It does blinks for few seconds, afterwards light flashes without blinking. At this moment, when I list my USB hardware using terminal, everything is fine:

Bus 001 Device 002: ID 1a40:0201 Terminus Technology Inc. Hub

Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0d8c:0008 C-Media Electronics, Inc.

Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0a46:9621 Davicom Semiconductor, Inc.

It does not matter when actually external power supply is connected in this state. It works flawlessly without any issues. But what happens when I connect it do BBB?

It’s drama and pain in an ass. When I connect into my hub mice and keyboard only, nothing happens. External power supply for hub as well as for BBB are both powered. Light in my hub doesn’t blinking or flashing either. Mice doesn’t flashing too, as well as caps-lock or num lock on my keyboard. I wonder is my hub over loaded, but – it’s not. On PC I added 3G modem which drains a bit of energy, and everything works. When hub is disconnected form BBB and standalone mice is hot-plugged – nothing happens. When I will do hardware reset using button on my BBB – finally – it’s redy to work.

In order to resolve an issue

I think I should give more technical point of view. Description such as this is not enough to resolve it. I haven’t any dedicated cable for BBB. I can not access logs, because hub does not works (so mice and keyboard either) or even sometimes BBB freezes before autologin procedure.

I have only common RS232 USB cable (I bought it to rescue hard drives), however – amount of jtag headers on BBB is greater. My cable have got 3 wires i colours: orange, yellow and blue. It’s displayed as Profilic Technology inc., PL2303 serial port. Does it fit for futher diagnostics?

Some hubs work. Some HUBS do not. Sound like you picked one that does not. You might try picking one from the list.

Or see if you can find a Linux driver for your HUB.

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Sadly, link which you gave me I saw hundred times before BBB purchase. There is nothing about USB hubs, I found out subpage about them but it’s poor - it’s not even explained which controller/chip is recommended. There are only 3 models of hubs from one store. Why I must buy such simple device from distant place? Why I must buy overpriced device?

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One thing which I forgot to mention: I need an analog audio controller. As we know, BBB offers audio output via HDMI, however I need audio intput too. I use DVI-HDMI adapter, so in case of my monitor, by this way I’m out of any audio experience. Is any external USB hub with external power supply which BBB will support it without any issues?

You can use the Audio cape to get audio/in out. It may take some SW changes to make that work.



I’m also using a powered USB hub. It’s a low cost hub from china buy on eBay.
when the hub is powered, it is not recognized and mouse or keyboard don’t work (as Wifi and all connected devices).

The way it work is when the hub is not powered. BBB is powered by a 1 Amp 5V power supply (I have also order a 2.5 Amp power supply) and a use USB to connect the BBB on my laptop.

I let the BBB connected on the power supply and on the laptop, It start when I start the Laptop.
The USB hub is powered by the BBB.

For now, it work like this and all is started all the time. Perhaps with some other devices connected to the hub or with some capes it will no more work, I will looking for another way at this moment.

You could use you RS232 to USB cable to TTY your BBB. You just need to know the corresponding wire (but you could test all possibilities). You could see page 83 of the BBB manual the pin location.

By the way Gerald, I just see that the title of Table 12 on the manual is wrong.

The the TTY configuration is speed: 115200, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity.

Did you know that you could use USB to SSH to the BBB ? Is address is and there is no password.

Personally I don’t seen something wrong on the log when I start with the hub powered.

I wish my experience could help you.

Table 12 Title is correct…

Table 12 Expansion Header P9 Pinout


Damn. Simple USB audio card does not match? Capes costs fortune. Is any unofficial wiki or something with hardware compatibility? It’s even mentioned about HDMI audio issues…

Follow the link on the card that came in the box:

Then click on accessories under the table of contents:

Then click here:

Audio currently works fine on HDMI. But only on CEA resolutions as defined by the HDMI Specifications.


Power supply from USB hub must be disconnected. USB hub must be connected with BBB before booting procedure. It does solves issue. Now USB hub as well as all devices within are accessible, mice and keyboard woks fine. I’m unable to mark this answer as a best of all: “Le dimanche 16 juin 2013 14:26:41 UTC+2,”

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Sounds like you need to look at your grounds. All grounds in the system must be connected. One way to do this is to have all power supplies, PCs, monitors, etc.all connected on the same power strip. And yes, it needs to be connected at power up.


It’s corrected on version A5.6 (Table 13. J1 Serial Header Pins)

version A5.5 indicate Table 12. P8 LCD Conflict Pins

Yes, I know,