BBB, Android, and 4DCAPE_70T

Hi all,

I was able to get Android 4.3 on my BBB with the help of this ( Everything seems to be working great except on my 4DCAPE_70T from 4D Systems, it doesn’t seem to use the whole screen. About a half inch along the right edge seems to be unused.

Has anyone experienced anything similiar? I just noticed it, and I don’t know if it had the same issue with Angstrom on the BBB or not.

I noticed in this video (, they have the same problem. You can see it at 1:22 in. That’s the same that I’m experiencing.

I guess it’s not a huge deal, especially since I didn’t even notice it at first… but now that I know it’s there my OCD won’t let me ignore it. :frowning:

I only got my 4DCAPE_70T late yesterday and haven’t had the chance to do much with it yet but it does use the whole screen with debian

I’m having the same issue with my 4DCAPE_43 and bbbandroid. Would love to reclaim that space. Has anyone figured this out?

Debian uses the whole screen.


After some more search I solved this by adding the following to device/ti/beagleboneblack/overlay/frameworks/base/core/res/res/values/config.xml:

<bool name="config_showNavigationBar">false</bool>