BBB black with 5" touchy display XPT2046(ADS7846) ->PROBLEM with CONNECTION and CONFIGURATION

Hi. My name is Matthew and i solving problem with touchscreen on beaglebone for 5 days. I use Beaglebone Black rev C with DEBIAN 7.9 machinekit (CNC controlling to machine, kernel 3,8,13 xenomai-r78 ) with 5´´display XPT 2046(ADS7846 driver). I am begginer with debian. I try connect BB with touchscreen by SPI0(wire connections → MISO MOSI SCK PENDOWN),but without feedbacks. In file config- 3.8.13 xenomai-r78 i find this collum:
But i dont see anything event,interrupt,or modul about ads7846 or touchscreen.
Can you send me some tips? How can I find this modul or add this modul?