BBB build (car audio) thoughts from you all.

hi everyone,
im not sure if ive posted it correctly but i hope you can forgive.
first up total newb to the BB, but really interested to try and cant wait to dive in.

i have seen a few ideas/projects posted for BBs in a car stereo environment and i would like to see a working project.
so that’s my plan and im just going over it in my head at the moment. i have had a cursory look around the net but cant really see any methods of a full implementation.

now i’ve jumped the gun and gone and purchased 2 BBBs not sure if they are the right tool for the job, in a worst case they will be my dev pilots.

so as i see it working out in my head i see a plain old lcd touch screen. split (somehow not sure yet) audio and video. hooked into a BB with a battery cape with a script running to shut down the system when the car powers off.

from the hdmi out i think i would need to run the video to the lcd. of course.
and the audio to the amp, which i think will be battery powered (possible) and from the amp to the speakers. how i split it off i haven’t thought yet. maybe a mini hdmi to vga/audio would look pretty ugly though.

things to consider

battery powered amplification, separate.
battery cape.
hdmi out to video/audio split


enlightenment 17 desktop/gui
Linux OS build from scratch (maybe maybe, i’d love to write a kernel from scratch but might be a time waster if angstrom is up to the task)

nice to have

gps 3g/4g mobile card / sim card for streaming. :slight_smile: anyone have any ideas or thought around this? a sim card would be best but that would kind of turn it into a phone, not that i mind. mobile broadband its a bit pricey where i am.
not sure if it’s easily done i wouldn’t have thought so.

power draw and conversion from old car stereo
not very flexible in the space i can use, it’s a car dash after all.

if anyone has any ideas thoughts comments or can point me to ideas i’d really appreciate it.
thanks to you all.

You may be able to pull audio out pretty easily. It’s my understanding that hdmi is just dvi with audio added. There may be something OTS that will work.

I dig the idea. I wouldn’t recommend enlightenment, but maybe I’m wrong. Worth a shot. I would recommend android, if that ever actually happens. I’m still waiting for my Rpi android…

You don’t need to write a kernel. I’m guessing you meant build a kernel. That also isn’t going to be needed. It sounds to me like you need to do some playing and learn your way around a bit. I wish you luck. I’m a bit of a car guy myself, although if I was going to use a BBB in a car, it would be an engine management system. :slight_smile:

Cheer for the reply JY.
i dig where you are coming from with android. would like to avoid for car stereo as an android gui for media is not too hot, i may be wrong. but im thinking amarok for the media player.
im working on a LFS build to make it nice an lean with a 3.8 kernel so i hope that works out.
apart from that it will be car electronics that will trip me up as i hear it’s a bit irregular.
still keen to press forward so will let you know how i go!