BBB can't connect over USB


Iḿ having some troubles with my beaglebone black.

It is running debian image 2014-04-23

It was working fine before but after i did the following commands i couldn’t open my BBB anymore.

  1. Rev C: Open the file /boot/uboot/uEnv.txt in an editor (vim/nano)
  2. Add the key “capemgr.enable_partno=”
  3. Add the ports you want to enable, comma separated (BB-UART1, BB-UART2. BB-UART4, BB-UART5)
  4. Reboot

Im working in a virtual machine with ubuntu.

In windows I can open it in putty over SSH and run the programs on it.

But in my virtual machine it cant open in the web browser or is responding to SSH login.