BBB-Debian fails to flash [from master]

Hi Robert,

I built a set of images using the latest image-builder (from the master branch), after booting from the SD card, the image fails to flash. There doesn’t appear to be a log file, but after running the script with -x, it seems that it’s failing in the partition_drive() step. I think it’s because /boot/uboot is mounted in /etc/fstab to the SD card (mmcblk0p1) and the script is trying to umount mmcblk1p1 which isn’t actually mounted, which in turn causes write_failure() to get called. Anyway, here’s the output (below).


root@beaglebone:/etc/init.d# /bin/bash -x /opt/scripts/tools/

  • grep -q root
  • id
  • unset boot_drive
    ++ grep /boot/uboot
    ++ LC_ALL=C
    ++ lsblk -l
    ++ awk ‘{print $1}’
  • boot_drive=mmcblk0p1
  • ‘[’ xmmcblk0p1 = x ‘]’
  • ‘[’ xmmcblk0p1 = xmmcblk0p1 ‘]’
  • source=/dev/mmcblk0
  • destination=/dev/mmcblk1
  • ‘[’ xmmcblk0p1 = xmmcblk1p1 ‘]’
  • check_running_system
  • ‘[’ ‘!’ -f /boot/uboot/uEnv.txt ‘]’
  • echo -----------------------------

Yeah.. I was debugging blank eMMC's at CircuitCo i ended up breaking
everyone else's..

cd /opt/scripts/tools/
git pull

and you'll get all the fixes from tonight..

It should work, I'll fire up a new build tomorrow and refresh the demo
images.. :wink:


It works. Fantastic, thanks for the extremely quick response!