BBB Debian Jessie 2014-10-29 4DCape-43t Qt 5.3.2 touch and keyboard conflict with console or desktop

I’m testing out Debian Jessie on a beaglebone black with a 4.3 inch LCD cape.
Qt 5.3.2 is part of the distribution, so I used apt-get to install it.
Running in either EGLFS or LinuxFB, it doesn’t grab the keyboard or touch for exclusive use.
The window pops up full screen, but the keyboard is captured both by the console and the Qt application.
Regardless of using evdevtouch or TSLIB, no touch events make it to the application.
If I have lxde desktop running, the touch events go there and draw the desktop over the Qt application where touched.
The mouse seems to work properly.
Anyone know of any special environment settings or command line arguments to make Qt allocate the keyboard and touch for exclusive use?
Is there someway to tell the console / desktop Qt is running, stop processing keyboard / touch events?