BBB-Development Advice/Recommendations


Im new to the Beaglebone Black, and I am curious as to how y’all are going about application development/debugging and the like. I have followed and had success with Fabien Le Mentecs Pruss C compiler Tutorial. As of now, Im still confuzzled on how to set up a proper ‘flow’ from code development to PRU.

Ive read over PRU_Training:_Hands-on_Labs
as well as pru-software-support-package
but Im still a bit confused on the compatibility between err’thang.


How are you doing development, and what tools are you using?
Much thanks for any advice y’all would be willing to share.

There are many development approaches. Using the ARM for native compile and cross-compile on ARM to target the PRU is common.

The TI-way is typically cross-compilation if everything from a Linux or Windows x86 machine using Code Composer.

…and it differs dependent on your application. When your BBB is running with Linux, you can do development and debugging using the usual tools (except for the PRU-code, which is more tricky).

But when you want to do bare-metal programming, tools are quite different (CCS as already mentioned) and you will need a hardware debugger (JTAG) except you want to do printf()-debugging via serial console only.

In case of a bare-metal approach I would recommend StarterWareFree from which is similar to TI’s official bare-metal programming package but comes with a lot of bug fixes and additional features.