BBB, does it works?

I do have a BBB but when I plug it, it’s always fix blue led, nothing else… what happens?

thank you:!

That is odd, have you tried using an image on a microSD?


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hi Robert,
thank you for your reply
not yet : in fact, where the little manual says that the sdcard must appear in operating system when BB is plugged in usb to a computer… and with a microsdcard, nothing appears on computers, windows or linux. Why I didnt get further, is because I never saw somerhing else than the power led on fix blue. others leds on the other side of ethernet port are always poweredoff (wondering if they’re working). Moreover, ethernet doesnt seems to be very well working.
just as a question, without sd card, the board is supposed to be up to use other led than power one ? does this last one could do something else than fix blue?

I thank you vm

Depends, is this a brand new BeagleBone Black out of the packing or second hand?


hi RObert,
thank you for answering
well, it’s a second hand provided with all box etc
just tried now to download a debian image, etcher it to a microsd card, plugged it into the BBB, then powered it on… strictly nothing else happens except the fix blue power led and no other led, blinking or not…
just I donnt have something to connect in serial/uart…